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To get away from unwanted infest in Chattogram we provide you the best service. As we know pests can be a harmful and distracting if it is not controlled. Besides it does damage property and they can spread all of the place and spread disease which may causes viruses and bacteria. Pests like rodents, cockroaches, flies, mosquitos, and termite. They are harmful for your family health and hygiene. No matter how much you try to control, they keep coming from anywhere. This might be due to the ineffective or unsuccessful home remedies you are trying desperately. Pest control wants specific expertise and experience along with the exact methods and pesticides which depends upon the types of pests and only a professional pest control service can give all these. After making your home/office/residential building pest proof, our expert professionals also gives efforts to prevent recurring pest infestation. In Chittagong (ctg) our service provides best pest control services at your doorstep with reasonable price.

What Does A Pest Control Company Do?

Pest are unwanted creatures that stays or comes at buildings or surrounding areas can pose serious risks to health and safety. Out Sm pest control CTG service workers delete these unwanted insects from households, apartment buildings, places of businesses, and other structures, to protect people and maintain structural place.

Common pests such as roaches, rats, mice, spiders, termites, ants, bugs etc. we use the information about pests’ biology and habits, and about an arsenal of pest management techniques, pest control workers search and locate, identify, and remove pests. They make traps, apply pesticides, and even sometimes modify the structures at the discretion of the customer.

Many pest problems asks for pesticide application. Pest control workers use two different types of pesticides— they said that one is for general use and another one is for restricted use. General use pesticides are the most widely used and are available in diluted concentrations to the public and safe for every places. Restricted use pesticides are used for the most severe infestations and are available only to licensed professionals which needs for permission.
The reason why their potential harm to control the pest. The workers, customers’ uses timely and they also very careful about the safety.

Sometimes, pest control worker use a perfect combination of management for eradicating pest with their different techniques. This practice is known as integrated pest theory. Our method or way involves for using hygienic and safe for physical barriers. In this type of medicines or pesticides pest cannot survive, they cannot enter to the building. There is a method which uses with mechanical devices, it is like trap for pest.

There are some workers who use pest management technology for removing insects which is more effective. This process uses microchips to find out areas where the pest are more active. This is how they identify the place, which gives signal. The device is a metal detector. It allows to find out the place of pest.

Pest control technicians are usually entry-level employee who find out potential pest problems, select inspections, and design control strategies. They work straight forward with the customer and are allowed to apply a limited range of pesticides.

Applicators perform more hard tasks, are able to use a large range of pesticides, and may specialize in a certain area of pest control. Those that specialize in maintaining termites are called termite control technicians. They use chemicals medicines and modify structures to eradicate termites and prevent future birth. To prevent infested areas, termite control technicians drill holes and vanish and cut into buildings to enter infestations and install physical barriers or another systems around the position. Some termite control technicians even made of structural damage caused by pest.

Types of Pests

• Ants, bees, wasps, spiders, cockroaches
• Bed bugs
• Fleas, ticks, mites
• Earwigs, millipedes, centipedes
• Termites
• Scorpions
• Rodents
• Birds
• Larger wildlife

About Pest Control Service:

The most important and effective way to keep your place, apartment, villa, or shop free from pest, our CTG experts are here for your help. Our company deals with all kinds of pest such as cockroaches, termites, ant or bug etc. we do suggest so many way to eradicate insect or vanish all of it.

Why Choose Us:

We are here to provide you help at any place and at any time of Chittagong. It is your work just to contact us and let us know your problem, what kind of infestation you have and what kind of pest your place have. We will be with our service within 24 hours and take preparation to remove the pest from your place whether it is night of day. Bed bugs, they can live up for more than 18 months without having any food.

It is to inform you that we do not only deal with insects, but also we deal with the large pets. Such as birds or rats on your place if you also want to get free from them too contact us. We will remove them or distract them from you place with our reasonable prices. So, it is not matter it is cockroaches or larger birds, if you need any help, we are here to help.
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